Meal reservation can be made only by our guests at Tsutsujiso.
Please make a reservation with the same name as your accommodation reservation.
Please make a reservation by 6:00 pm on the 3 days before your arrival.

- -


Please let us know the date you would like to have meals.
e.g.) August 〇, 2024


Q2. Please choose what you would like from the followings:
Dinner (seafood hotpot) only (3,300 yen/person) 
16 th of November, 2023 - 22 th of Apri, 2024

Dinner (Charcoal BBQ) only (3,800 yen/person)
23th of April, 2024 - 4th of November, 2024



Q3. Please choose how many dinner you would like.
Please be noted that there is no menu for children.


Q4. Please choose the time for dinner.
<L/O 8:00pm / Close 8:30pm>

Drinks can be ordered on the spot. Please make a payment for drinks after dinner on the spot.
Please refrain from bringing food or drinks into the restaurant.
Thank you for your understanding. 


Q5. please notify us if you have any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions,or any questions about meals.