What is your level of perseverance?
Perseverance is an energy that inspires the human kind. That's why the soldier follows the goal, the one who is in love chases the lover, and athlete goes towards the goal line. 
How many times will you repeat the same thing until you become successful? Do you think it all the time while you are trying to solve particular problem?
Such perseverance or tenacity is in common to successful people in various fields.
For example, in 1879, after thousands of trials and errors, to find just the right filament, Thomas Edison finally found unveiled an incandescent bulb. Mrs. Crurie, who also found radium, or Jonas Soak, who developed the polio vaccine, and Alexander Gufham Bell, who invented the phone, all had insatiable toughness. 
Persistency has been researched among universities as students are required to collect their will and have to complete their increasing tasks. One of the researches was done by B.N MoKaj, a professor of psychology at York University in Tronto, and this test is created by referring to his study.