Enjoy nature through a special live performance

The "Ultimate Journey" Part 3 includes various special live performances that resonate with the great outdoors of Aso Kuju in addition to special activities like horse riding experiences we have arranged for you.

Tour Dates
Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th January 2024

DRUM TAO celebrated for its awe-inspiring performances of Japanese taiko drumming is based within the expansive Aso-Kuju National Park, home to Japan's largest grassland area.

DRUM TAO known for their diverse performances both domestically and internationally, continues their creative endeavors in this natural haven. You will feel magnificent power of mother earth right here stimulating their creative inspiration and being the source of their music. This is a special tour that offers an experience found nowhere else.

●Saturday, January 13th: Pick-up (within Fukuoka prefecture/Kumamoto prefecture)

・We will pick you up with a luxury car at your preferred location in Fukuoka Prefecture (such as Fukuoka Airport or Hakata Station) or Kumamoto Prefecture (Aso Kumamoto Airport or Kumamoto Station) and take you to the tour destination, the Aso Kuju area.
・You can choose your preferred time for the pickup, which will be scheduled to ensure you arrive by 3:00 pm for check-in at your hotel.
・If you wish, it is possible to make stops at tourist spots along the way, such as Mt. Daikanbo in Aso.

●Welcome drink & DRUM TAO History tour(Takeda City, Oita Prefecture, Open-air Theater TAO-no-Oka)

・At the "Open-air theater TAO-no-Oka," located in the Aso Kuju National Park, the home base of DRUM TAO, we will welcome you with a special drink.
・The "DRUM TAO History Tour" is held at the "TAO HOUSE" indoor facility. It explores what the "Kuju Plateau," where TAO creates its music, is like and why they established their base in Kuju, tracing back to their roots.

●Sunset Bar & Live


・We host a special live performance at the Green Terrace, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the sunset sky turning crimson.
・We open a 'Sunset Bar' exclusively for this moment, allowing you to savor a drink while enjoying the beautiful sunset and TAO's performance.
・Experience a luxurious twilight amidst the serene grasslands bathed in a deep purple hue.

●Accommodation “Resonate Club Kuju”

・Enjoy your stay at the resort hotel "Resonate Club Kuju," nestled at the foot of the Kuju mountain range amidst vast nature. 
・For dinner, you can choose between Western and Japanese cuisine.
・We recommend that those wishing to stay at the glamping facility book early due to limited availability.

●Day 2: Sunday, January 14th Sunrise Live


・In the next morning, you can awaken to a refreshing and clear sky, accompanied by a magical landscape at TAO-no-Oka. Enjoy a moment of awakening with coffee and chillout music of DRUM TAO.
・After the live performance, treat yourself to a delightful buffet-style breakfast or a soothing soak in the hot springs to unwind and create lasting memories.

●Outdoor activity [Horse riding or Kuju highland walking]

・Enjoy a horse riding experience galloping through the grasslands of nature or a highland walking tour led by an experienced guide.

<Horse riding>
Discover the magnificent nature of Aso Kuju National Park on horseback! Our course, a favorite among nationwide horse-riding enthusiasts, offers expert-led riding experiences amidst breathtaking scenery. Experience the thrill of galloping through nature's grandeur. Why not join us for an unforgettable experience?

<Kuju highland walking>
Walk along mountain paths to a destination where a breathtaking view of the Aso Five Peaks unfolds beyond an endless prairie. In this unique vantage point, where you might feel tempted to roll down the grassy slopes with the wind, enjoy a particular activity led by a local veteran guide, offering insights as you walk amidst extraordinary scenery.

●Open-air theater, TAO-no-Oka “Skyward Stage” Premium live performence


<Altitude 1,036m・Skyward stage>
・This stage is created to allow you to enjoy live performances in the middle of the great nature of Aso-Kuju National Park, the home of DRUM TAO.
・In this tour, you can indulge in the Skyward Stage live performance featuring leading performers of DRUM TAO and special arrangements, all while seated in your exclusive VIP seats, accompanied by special drinks, for an elegant experience like no other.
・After the performance, you'll have the opportunity to ascend to the Skyward Stage for a dedicated photo session. Get close to the drums, capture the moment with the performers and create unforgettable memories with commemorative photos.

1st day schedule January 13th (Sat)

Morning: Depart from Fukuoka pref. or Kumamoto pref. ====Hotel check-in====4:30pm Open-air Theater TAO-no-Oka (Takeda City, Oita Pref. )TAO History tour〜Sunset Bar & Live==== Dinner and overnight stay at a resort hotel in Takeda City

・We provide a luxury car transfer service to your preferred location within Fukuoka or Kumamoto Prefecture. 
・You can choose your preferred time for the pickup, which will be scheduled to ensure you arrive by 3:00 pm for check-in at your hotel.
<Accommodation>The resort hotel in Aso Kuju National Park offers Western-style rooms with baths and toilets. 
*You can also use the large public bath in the hotel.
<Dinner>You can enjoy a unique menu of the region, made with seasonal ingredients full of flavor, harvested from the Bungo area and nearby seas.

2nd day schedule January 14th (Sun)

7:00am Sunrise Live ====Breakfast / Hot spring==== 10:30am Outdoor activities (horseback riding or highland walking) & Lunch====2:00pm DRUM TAO Premium live ====3:00pm Departure: Transportation within Fukuoka pref.or Kumamoto pref. (hired car)

<Breakfast>For breakfast, we offer a buffet of about 100 options. Enjoy delicacies like croissants baked in a stone oven and colorful vegetables sourced directly from local farmers.
<Lunch>Lunch with nature. 
*The lunch varies depending on the activity.
<Transfer>We provide a luxury car transfer service to your preferred location within Fukuoka or Kumamoto Prefecture. 



〒8780205 大分県竹田市久住町白丹板木7571-2

Open-air theater Tao-no-Oka

【From Bungo Taketa Station】30min by car.
【From Kumamoto Airport】1hour and 20min by car
【From Oita Airport】1hour and 50min by car
【From Fukuoka Airport】2hour and 10min by car

About us

店舗・企業名 TAO Culture Promotion Foundation
営業時間 11:00AM - 5:00PM
定休日 Regular holiday:Tuesday,Wendnesday,Thursday
住所 Shirani Itagi 7571-2, Kuju-Town, Taketa City, Oita 878-0205 Japan
電話番号 81974760950
ホームページ https://www.drum-tao.com/nature-theater/

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