Winter school

Winter School 2022-2023

PAL国際保育園@東京外大では、12月・1月にWinter School2022-2023を




2022/12/1~1/31 (月~金開催。土日祝・12/29~1/3を除く)

午前8時30分~午後5時 (通園時間帯は、お選びいただけます。)


(東京都府中市朝日町3‐11‐11 東京外国語大学内)

・入会金 10,000円(お預かり3日間までは無料)
・特定保育料(保険料、物品費(オムツ、文具等)、施設利用料) 9,000円
・給食費:550円/食 おやつ:各200円/食(15時、18時)
・延長保育 (7:00-08:29、18:01-19:00)、利用料金(15分)500円
※Winter Schoolは半日だけ、1日だけでもお申込みできます。


Winter School 2022-2023
Experience multicultural childcare at PAL International School@TUFS!
PAL International School @ Tokyo University of Foreign Studies will hold
Winter School 2022-2023 in December and January.How about experiencing
an international school in Fuchu this winter?

◆Target age points
0‐2 years old
Children can form attachments with teachers and children from various countries.
Children can receive a lot of intellectual stimulation through multilingual interactions.

3-6 years old
Children will be able to notice the differences in words spoken by their friends and learn
about the existence of other languages.
By being exposed to many languages, the children's language acquisition will increase dramatically.

Elementary school students
Intellectual curiosity will be heightened through interaction with friends.
Students will gain an interested in foreign countries and cultural differences
through interactions with native teachers.

◆Program Dates
12/1~1/31 Monday through Friday
(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays,and the New Year holiday period of 12/29-1/3)
Please contact us if you wish to come on Saturdays.

8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. / 1:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.  
*Can participate on all available days.

0 years old (from 57 days old) to 6th grade elementary schoolers
(Activities will change depending on the age of the children)

PAL International School @ Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 
(3‐11‐11 Asahi-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, on the campus of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

◆Winter School Enrollment Fee
Admission fee 10,000 yen/day (Free for up to 3 days)
Specific childcare fee (insurance, supplies (diapers, stationery, etc.), facility usage fee) 9,000 yen
Fee: \550/lunch \200/snack (3:00pm、6:00pm)
Extended childcare (7:00am-08:29am、6:01pm-7:00pm)、User fee (15 minutes)\500
※You can apply for Winter School for only half days or full days.

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・PALの意味はPlay and Lean(遊びを通じて学ぶ)→子どもの主体的な遊びを中心に、

【About PAL International School @ Tokyo University of Foreign Studies】
・PAL International School @ Tokyo University of Foreign Studies opened on September 1,
2022 and is located on the campus of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
・We are open for children 0 y/o to 6th grade elementary schoolers.
・The children can experience multiculturalism and diversity through playing with
teachers and friends from various countries.
・Various languages can be experienced at PAL
・The meaning of PAL is Play and Learn (learning through play) → Children enjoy rhythm,
nature, art, picture books, and more while focusing on their interests through play.
・Bilingual (Japanese + English) care is provided throughout the day.
・The Seiwa Gakuen School Corporation, which has a history of more than 80 years,
provides "child-centered" childcare and education.

入園説明会に行こう! Please join us for a school orientation!


PAL International School@ TUFS is a nursery school which offers bilingual childcare
(Japanese + English).We will develop a multiple cultural and linguistic childcare centering
on experience-based and inquiry-based. We will practice children's independent learning
with our childcare philosophies, “iki-iki"
and “child-centered" childcare approaches, and also with reference to international
knowledge such as Reggio Emilia (Italy), Te Whāriki(NZ), etc.  Let’s  join us for a school orientation!


9:30-10:30 日本語・対面
face-to-face in Japanese

11:00-12:00 英語・対面
face-to-face in English

13:00-14:00 日本語・オンライン 
online in Japanese

15:00-16:00 英語・オンライン 
online in English

申し込みはこちら(Click here to apply)


店舗・企業名 PAL国際保育園@東京外大  PAL International School@TUFS
営業時間 7:00 - 19:00
定休日 日、祝日(大学行事等に合わせて開園の場合あり)
住所 東京都府中市朝日町3-11-11 (国際交流会館前)
電話番号 0423069955