KIVこどもオンライン英会話 【 AaasoBo! 】無料トライアル予約フォーム



Elian P.Quilisadio エリアン クラス

(月~木曜) 15:30~21:00
(金曜) 16:30~21:00

Elian P.Quilisadio (El) エリアン
(ニックネーム エル、エリー)

November 3
●Life History: 
I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication in the University of St Lasalle, I have been teaching ESL online for 1 year and 6 months to kids, teens, and adults and also I'm a TESOL Certified teacher, othermore I have experienced directing and acting in short films in my hometown. I am a trained actor and I have taught acting workshops to teenagers in universities. 

●Favorite food:
Hamburger, Pizza, Fried Chicken
Watching movies and TV Shows, reading books, and playing video games

Hey kids! Learning English is fun and exciting. We will talk about things you like and we will play fun games that will make you smile. I’m excited to To be a part of your journey in learning the English language. I can’t wait to see you in class!


6/24~ 6/30
受付中 ×締め切り
  6/24(月) 6/25(火) 6/26(水) 6/27(木) 6/28(金) 6/29(土) 6/30(日)  
終日 定休日 定休日