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Helene Gay Santos ヘレン クラス

(月曜クラス) 16:00-21:00
(火曜,水曜クラス) 16:30-21:00
(木曜クラス) 17:00-21:00
(金曜クラス) 16:30-17:30

●Name 名前
Helene Gay Santos- ヘレン
●Birthday: お誕生日
November 5
●Life History: 経歴
Helene started loving, telling stories, playing and teaching children since she was 10 years old. Being with children has been part of her growing up 'til motherhood. Now that she has a son, she always treat all of he students as her own child. She has been an English as Second Language teacher for more than 3 years now both man-to-man and online to Chinese, Korean and Filipino students as she acquired a TESOL certificate. She is a tutor in an Adventist Elementary School. Helene has been actively serving kids aged 0-5 years old in Adventist Children's Ministry for 5 years now.

●Favorite food: 好きな食べ物
 Strawberry, tomato, Potato Fries and Burger.
●Hobby: 趣味
I love singing, reading books, telling stories, swimming and playing.

Hello dear! I want to share my stories and toys with you. We can sing and jump like bestfriends, too. I can take you in many different places. Do you like it? Come on!


10/4~ 10/10
受付中 ×締め切り
  10/4(水) 10/5(木) 10/6(金) 10/7(土) 10/8(日) 10/9(月) 10/10(火)