KIVこどもオンライン英会話 【 AaasoBo! 】無料トライアル予約フォーム



Zara Dyn Credo ザラ クラス

(月-金曜クラス) 17:00-21:00
(土曜クラス) 10:00-12:00

●Name 名前
Zara Dyn Credo ザラ
●Birthday: お誕生日
●Life History: 経歴
 Education is important to me, no matter how difficult life is, I always do my best to reach my dreams. Because of my hard work as a working student, I am slowly achieving my dream. Sooner, I will be receiving my degree and become a teacher in Japan.

●Favorite food: 好きな食べ物
I like Takoyaki and burger the best.
●Hobby: 趣味
In my free time, I love to plan things that I should be doing and I also like to watch Anime and Korean Dramas.

Hello! I am Teacher Zara, I am friendly and I would love to spend some time with you. Let's go have fun together as we learn new things. We will sing, dance, play and learn plenty of things. I hope to meet you and be with you. I will wait for you, see you soon!


10/26~ 11/1
受付中 ×締め切り
  10/26(火) 10/27(水) 10/28(木) 10/29(金) 10/30(土) 10/31(日) 11/1(月)  
終日 定休日