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Please contact us directly for reservations of 3 people or more.

The availabilitie shown are subject to change.
They may not be available at the time you submit your request.
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Prenatal massage is available between 20 and 38weeks.
Earlier than 20 weeks gestation cannot receive any massage.
Thank you for your understanding.




The Shanbio Spa Menu」の選択

  • Energy Treatments

    Using microcurrents that change the body from the autonomic nervous system, we conduct treatments through the therapist's body."
    Receiving energy treatments helps to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
    By ensuring that each functions in balance, it also enhances the immune system.
    It has effects such as being less prone to illness, sleeping well, and increased concentration.
    It is also said that by balancing the bioelectric currents, one can rejuvenate at the cellular level.
    This energy treatment enhances the fundamental function of the human autonomic nervous system, boosting physical vitality and facilitating fundamental improvement in various health conditions. Many people who have suffered from long-standing discomforts have experienced improvement. For those grappling with persistent issues that have been difficult to alleviate, this treatment is highly recommended.


  • Aromatherapy

    The Shanbio's original massage enhanced with Aromatherapy not only to relieve fatigue physically and mentally.
    but also to stimulate the flow of blood and lymph , enhance immunity ,recovery the fatigue and stress.

  • Hot StoneMassage

    Hot stone can normalize the balance between
    Using a warm stone with an appropriate temperature,
    the warmth willl go to the deep of  muscles and unravel the stiffness.
    Warm from the core of the body slowly, and relieve muscle tension and mental fatigue gently,
    It is a ralaxation treatment that balance the mind and body.

  • Myofascial Release

    ascia release body treatment can help you to fix the problem caused by daily deskwork and fatigue through 90 minutes course.
    Through the treatment we can reset the stiff fascia to the correct position.
    It is recommended for those who seek a massage to approach deeper than relaxing massage.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage/デトックス疲労回復マッサージ
    Works on chronic tention and muscle aches in the deep muscle with The Shanbio's original techniques. Muscles will loosen along with tightened lymph nodes, enhancing blood flow to take away fatigue.


  • Prenatal Massage

    Shanbio prenatal massage is back!
    Must be over 20weeks!!
    Please ask your doctor before booking a session with us.
    You will be treated on your side(both sides) with cushions for a comfortable position.
    Our prenatal treatments are gentle hand treatments using essential oil, but firm enough to reach those areas that are giving you discomfort.
    Helps relieve :
    joint pain
    leg cramping
    swelling in your feel/hands


  • Couples Massage

    Couples Massage will be treated in a private room with a view.
    If one of you prefer a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage, your partner can choose Deep Tissue.
    Prices will vary accordingly.

    Prices shown for Couples Massages are quoted for 2 people.
    Book for 1 session of this treatment for all Couples Massage(otherwise prices will show double)

  • Facial+ Body Special Package

    An Amazing combo Package, choice of 90 or 110minutes.
    Starting with a Deep Tissue full body treatment for 60min or 80min, followed by a facial for 30minutes.
    Our signature facial is designed for all genders with sensitive skin.
    Cleansing, removing blackheads+cleansing any clogged pores, hydrating masque.

    This is a quick 60min rejuvenating package treatment.
    30min of de-stressing massage, lighter pressure
    followed by a facial with pore cleansing +Hydrating facial masque included.




    "Face will become stiff!"you will become stiff on your face if you use PC for a long time ,lack of sleep,clenching,or grinding.
    The oxygen supply decomposes the stiffness of face ,carries nutrients ,and also make blood flow better.With the increase of age, the oxygen in the skin decrease. That's the biggest reason of being wrinkles and aging.
    ​Shanbio uses high-concentration oxygen cosmetic Mirey. Through the face muscle massage to relax the stiffness and deliver the oxygen to the deep skin derectly.

  • Mens Facial+Head Massage

    Facials are for everyone, regardless if you’re a man, woman or nonbinary. 
    Men’s facials simply cater to some of their specific skin needs. If you’re a bit thick-skinned it’s probably because men’s skin is 25% thicker. That’s not the only difference either — it has a higher collagen density and produces more sebum oil, which can lead to breakouts. That’s why facials for men exist.
    Our treatment includes:
    Cleanse→Massage→Face Masque→Head Massage(15min)

The Shanbio's original massage enhanced with Aromatherapy not only to relieve fatigue physically and mentally.
but also to stimulate the flow of blood and lymph , enhance immunity ,recovery the fatigue and stress.


  • Aromatherapy 60min/アロママッサージ 60分  ¥8,800(税込)

    All-hand oil treatment of the whole body


  • Aromatherapy 80min/アロママッサージ 80分  ¥11,800(税込)

    All-hand oil treatment of the whole body 



  • Aromatherapy 100min/アロママッサージ 100分  ¥14,300(税込)

    All-hand oil treatment of the whole body