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Musashi International Course 2024
Junior Kinder  2020年9月2日~2021年9月1日
Senior Kinder  2019年9月2日~2020年9月1日

バイリンガルコースをご検討されている方は緑の「A-JB三鷹 zoom説明会」、インターナショナルコースをご検討されている方はオレンジの「Musashi International Course」の説明会日程をお選びください。





TEL: 0422-29-8977
Mail: mitaka@aoba-bilingual.jp

This is the form for applying for the Open House of Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool Mitaka Campus. Please click on the date you wish to attend, and then fill in the following questions and send. 

The Mitaka campus offers two types of courses: bilingual courses and international courses.
The Bilingual Course is 60% English and 40% Japanese.
The International Course is 100% English and is designed to prepare students to enter an international school after graduation.

Musashi International Course 2024
Junior Kinder Sep 2, 2020 - Sep 1, 2021
Senior Kinder Sep 2, 2019 - Sep 1, 2020

If you are considering the Bilingual Course, please select the 'A-JB Mitaka zoom information session' in green and if you are considering the International Course, please select the 'Musashi International Course' information session dates in orange.

Please attend the Open House with only 2 guardians and one child. If you would like to bring more than two children, please fill in the 【備考欄 / Notes】 column.

The information session will be held in Japanese. If you would like an information session in English, please contact us directly.

*SELECTTYPE (no-reply@select-type.com) will send you information with an auto-reply. If you do not receive, please contact A-JB Mitaka at the address below.


A-JB Mitaka
TEL: 0422-29-8977
MAIL: mitaka@aoba-bilingual.jp

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