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Creating your one and only fragrance

Let's discover each ingredients to create your original, one and only incense.
As the nobles in the Heian period enjoyed blending their own incense,the moment of working on creating a scent that cannot be seen can also
be a moment of pure relaxation.Please take this time to discover your inner-self by blending your own incense.

We are pleased to offer you these following courses.

【1】印香づくり  ¥3,000(税抜)
練り合わせて作ったお香を、 抜型にはめて作る「印香」を作ります。作った印香は、そのまま焚いてお楽しみいただけます。
In this workshop,you can create your original incense,called "INKO",pressed incense in English.These incense you make will you give you a joyful and relaxing time by burning. 


【2】香袋づくり  ¥3,000(税抜)
In this workshop, you can create your original incense sache,called "KOUBUKURO". You can create your original sache by picking a variety of design texture and Japanese traditional strings. 

【3】塗香づくり  ¥3,000(税抜)
In this workshop, you can create your original incense powder,called "ZUKO". You can create your original incense powder by picking and mixing 9 ingredients. 


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