Shinnippou Ltd./808 Factory

Kidaya Shoten Co., Ltd. (greenLand)

Nihon Advanced Agri Co., Ltd.



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Nihon Advanced Agri Co., Ltd., based in Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture, western Japan, handles
triple-wavelength LED led light fixtures for use in plant factories.

Nihon Advanced Agri also develops and manufactures seedling production units and container-type
and other plant cultivation facilities.

The company is known for the Glacitol food supplement made from ice plants grown with its
original system to increase their pinitol content. Glacitol won the Monde Selection Gold Award for
five consecutive years.

The Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA) is working on a project of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and supporting the five companies below.

The nonprofit organization, founded in 2010, is devoted to advancing the plant factory industry and controlled-environment agriculture in and outside Japan through academia-industry collaborations.

Its mission is to develop and disseminate sustainable plant factory systems in a bid to address
issues concerning food, the environment, energy and natural resources.

The JPFA oversees plant factories on the Chiba University Kashiwanoha campus in Kashiwa,
northeast of Tokyo. Also, it does about 20 R&D projects and runs workshops and training courses.

Shinnippou Ltd., established in 1972 and based in Fujieda, Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan, is
a diversified company operating not only plant factories but also pachinko halls, hotels and solar
power plants.

The company's 808 FACTORY in Yaizu in the same prefecture is well-known in the plant factory
industry for its large-scale, stable production of high-quality vegetables, data-driven operations
and stringent hygiene control.

The 808 FACTORY comprising two plant factories with artificial lighting (PFALs) has a daily total
production capacity of 20,000 heads of lettuce. Both PFALs are highly productive and operate
sustainably. It has solar power plants on the premises.

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Kidaya Shoten Co., Ltd., based in Obama, Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, operates plant factories
for high-quality lettuce sold under the greenLand brand.

Kidaya originates from a rice wholesaler founded in 1781 in Edo, currently Tokyo. Based now in
Urayasu, east of Tokyo, Kidaya also carries out supermarket and prepared food businesses.

The company, which entered the plant factory business in 2013, employs its original VERTIFARM
production system that integrates cultivation and management. Its three lettuce plant factories
boast a total daily production capacity of 3,000 kilograms.

ESPEC MIC Corp., based in Tokyo and Osaka, is an engineering company that produces plant
factories and relevant equipment. The company has been engaged in the plant factory business for
some 30 years.

Its equipment for growing plants ranges from plant cellars, plant growth chambers and indoor
farms to various types of plant factories, such as nursery plant factories (N-Box), container plant
factories and large-scale and automated multitier plant factories with artificial lighting (PFALs).

The company is also known for its environmental monitoring instruments, such as thermo-recorders
and environmental data loggers, as well as materials for greening the environment, such as
vegetation rolls and mats.

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PLANTX Corp., based in Tokyo, is an agrotechnology startup specialized in plant factories with
artificial lighting (PFALs).

PLANTX has developed the Culture Machine closed-type plant cultivation facility. Each cultivation
shelf or layer in the Culture Machine is sealed in the confined space and equipped with LED
lighting, air-conditioning and nutrient solution circulation systems.

The Culture Machine works with its SAIBAIX plant growth control software so that it can precisely control a number of parameters that are important in growing plants.