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  Yoga/Acupuncture/Moxibustion/Thai massage

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 ※we have yoga classes at 1930-2045 from Wed to Fri, Sat morning 0800-1130, Sat evening 1930-2030(fitness club), and 2nd/4th Sundays 0900-1015, so you can get reservations after yoga classes.

〒8580903 971-1 Kamimotoyama cho Sasebo Nagasaki
about 15mins from the ramp of Sasebo-chuo 
(get off the next ramp, Ainoura-Nakazato and drive to Ohno about 5mins. youll see a gass station and the Maxvalue store. And then, turn to left at the traffic light in front of the Maxvalue )
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Phone : 090-9470-6781

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun※
0630-0730   wake up   wake up      
0800-0915           Basic  
0900-1015             vinyasa
1000-1115         vinyasa Basic  
1930-2045 Mon Wake up core Basic Vinyasa basic vinyasa
2030-2145   Relax   wake up      
※Wake up yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursdays is 1H class
※Sunday class will open 2nd, 4th sunday ONLY

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★Acu & moxa treatment
 60mins  \4,500-
 90mins  \7,500-

★Cosmetic Acu treatment
 1.5hour \10,000-

★Thai massage

 60mins  \5,000-

★Thai herb sauna
 30mins  \3,000-(30mins)
 trial       \1,000-
 drop in  \2,000-

★Yoga membership \3,000-
 ☺Members can use valuable member's ticket☺ 
 Ticket 4times  \6,000-(valid 2months)
 Ticket 8times \10,000-(valid 3months)

★Acu coupon 
 3points \10,000-(1month)
   4points \14,000- (3months)
   8points \24,000- (5months)

 1points → acu treatment 60mins 
 2points → acu treatment 90mins
 2.5points → cosmetic acu treatment
 0.5points → yoga class