Company Introduction
Farm Yachiyo, an agricultural cooperative corporation located in Yachiyo Town, Yuki District, Ibaraki Prefecture, is committed to "safe", "secure" and "stable" supply as its corporate philosophy.
Farm Yachiyo has a hydroponic cultivation facility of 1.6 hectares, and has been cultivating Mitsuba and leaf lettuce for one year.
Since we operate under JGAP certification, we pay special attention to food safety and occupational safety.
Next, leaf lettuce, commonly known as "sea lettuce", is produced in three varieties, leaf, frill, and red, and the freshness and production are preserved in a characteristic triangular package.
Finally, strawberry farm Yachiyo is a relatively new tourist facility that will open from January 2022. There are always 4 varieties of food and rare white strawberries. New varieties and white strawberries are popular, so first thing in the morning on Saturday is recommended. In addition, there is a children's space where children and the whole family can have fun. Please come and visit us when the season starts.

For everyone's food safety...

from Farm Yachiyo


〒3003572 Ibaraki Yuuki-gun, Yachiyo-cho, Sugaya 2251
Strawberry picking Yachiyo store is here!

* Yachiyo Townspeople Park [Yachiyo-cho Sugaya 883-1] Baseball Stadium is located on the north side.
*Yachiyocho Matsumoto 406 is the representative address, so please be careful when picking strawberries.
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ADDRESS 〒300-3565 406 Matsumoto, Yachiyo-cho, Yuki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture (representative)
〒300-3525 2251 Sugaya, Yachiyo-cho, Yuki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture (Strawberry Picking Yachiyo Store)
〒306-0111 2602 Owada, Furukawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture (Strawberry Picking Furukawa Store)
OPEN Strawberry picking 9:00~15:00
(Closed) Monday and Tuesday
*Open on public holidays. Transfer the next day.
Mitsuba 8:00~17:00
Closed on Sundays, national holidays, and markets


TEL Mitsuba Workshop 0296-49-2280
Strawberry picking (Yachiyo store) 050-1335-6930
Strawberry picking (Furukawa store) 050-1213-6673
300-3565 406 Matsumoto, Yachiyo-cho, Yuki-gun, Ibaraki
Agricultural Cooperative Corporation Farm Yachiyo
TEL 0296-49-2391 / FAX 050-1277-6499


There will be two stores, the Yachiyo store and the new store Furukawa, so please be careful not to make a mistake in the location.

Yachiyo store 12/16 9:00~Open 050-1335-6930
       Furukawa store 12/23 9:00~Open 050-1213-6673

When you come to the Furukawa store, there is a private parking lot behind the house.

RESERVE [Click here for reservation] ⇩ If you don't have various coupons, you can make a reservation on your own website!

〒3060111 2602 Owada, Furukawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture
The landmark is the roadside station pillow no Satokoga!
30 minutes east by car or bus from Furukawa Station
20 minutes north of Bando IC and Goka IC on National Highway Shin No. 4

Strawberry picking Furukawa store is here!
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