Taro Izumi

For the work I Can See Solaris, Taro Izumi asked staff from various
theatres around the world to sit in a seat of their choice and to record 10
minutes of silence while suppressing their presence. By assembling these
sounds together, this work creates a theatrical mise en scene filled with
a large ensemble who have merged into the theatre space.

Viewers can sit in seats to experience part of I Can See Solaris or become
part of it. What they can see from their seats is a coloured surface that
blocks their view, like the back of the person sitting in the seat in front of
them. What they can hear behind them are hundreds of sounds:collected
and coalesced recordings made by people who have become silent and
integrated with the theatre space.
This staging of I Can See Solaris is specially designed and performed at
Museum Tinguely on the occasion of Taro Izumi’s solo exhibition,
accessible to the online visitors only from September 1st to November
15th, 2020.

2020 © Taro Izumi

I Can See Solaris

Performances: Tuesday - Sunday
Show Time: 11:00 - 18:00 
Door opens at 11:00 
Intermission: 18:00 - 11:00

On stage September 1st - November 15th 2020

To watch this stage, Please read the conditions carefully
before you proceed with the reservation. 


Theater and sound production

Concept and direction: Taro Izumi

Museum Tinguely
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