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Nakabusa Onsen

Nestled deep in the mountains, Nakabusa Onsen is a hidden gem with over 200 years of history. This traditional hot spring retreat offers a serene and rejuvenating experience amidst the abundant natural beauty.
At Nakabusa Onsen, you will find approximately 29 natural hot springs, each with a temperature ranging from 70 to 94 degrees Celsius (158 to 201 degrees Fahrenheit). With more than 15 different baths utilizing various springs, you can enjoy the pure pleasure of 100% natural hot spring water flowing directly from the source. The hot spring water is cooled using both air cooling and water circulation systems, without adding cool water, ensuring the perfect bathing temperature.

But Nakabusa Onsen is not just about baths. You can also indulge in other natural amenities such as a steam bath sauna, relaxing geothermal baths, and even savor dishes prepared using the geothermal heat. Immerse yourself in the blessings of nature and experience the true essence of this extraordinary hot spring.
Located adjacent to the trailhead of Mt. Tsubakuro, Nakabusa Onsen is a popular choice among climbers of the Northern Alps. It offers convenient access for those seeking an adventure in the mountains.
Come and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Nakabusa Onsen, where you can heal your mind and body amidst the beauty of nature.

〒3998301 長野県安曇野市穂高有明7226
Hotaka Ariake 7226, Azumino city, Nagano, Japan 399-8301
0263-77-1488 (Winter season 0263-77-2008)

By car: 1h from Azumino IC of Chuo Expway
By taxi: 1h ride from JR Hotaka station
By bus: Bus stop at JR Hotaka station, service available from28 apr to 5th nov. please ask us for timetable.
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For accomodation resevation, please contact by mail.

※The route closed in winter season because of snow (from end of November to mid-April)

■Accommodation Rates (2023 season)

●Nakabusa Onsen Shosenkaku (Japanese traditional "Ryokan" type)

※All rates are for 2 or more guests. For single occupancy, there is an additional charge of 3,000 yen.
The displayed prices include consumption tax(10%) and bathing tax (150 yen).

①Special Room with Dining, Meal Plan A, 1 night with 2 meals  :27,650 yen 
②Room with Bath/Toilet and Dining, Meal Plan A, 1 night with 2 meals  :24,350 yen
③Room with Toilet and Dining, Meal Plan A   :21,050 yen 
④Room without Toilet, Dining, Meal Plan A  :17,750 yen
⑤Room without Toilet, Dining, Meal Plan B  :17,750 yen 

●Nakabusa Onsen Lodge 
※ The rates are per person for one night with 2 meals for 2 or more guests in one room. For single occupancy of one room, there will be an additional charge per room. 
※The displayed prices include consumption tax(10%) and bathing tax (150 yen).

①Room with Toilet, Meal Plan D:   16,100 yen
②Renovated Room without Toilet, Meal Plan D:  14,450 yen
③Standard Room Meal Plan D :  13,020 yen

■DAY BATHING "Yubara-no-yu"

Bathing Reception Hours: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM 
(Facility Closes at 5:00 PM)
Price 950 yen/one person

■Transport Infomation

There are buses from JR Hotaka station.
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