Research & Development

Our mission is to develop and disseminate technologically and economically sustainable plant production systems that
will address today's global challenges on food, environment, energy, resource and health. To accomplish our mission, we are devoted to academic and business advancements in the global industry of plant factory/controlled environment agriculture.
Focusing on international industry-academia collaborations, JPFA manages around 20 R&D projects using multiple
plant factories with artificial lighting (PFALs)/greenhouses on site on Chiba University Kashiwanoha campus.
Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, we work on research projects such as artificial intelligence- and
phenotyping- based smart plant factory systems for environmental control and breeding.

Research Committee on LED Application in Agriculture

The LED committee creates specifications and guidelines for the use of LEDs and recommendations for
measuring light environments by LEDs.

▶Guidelines for Describing LED Luminaire Performance in Plant Cultivation

Research Committee on Productivity Improvement of PFAL

The Productivity Improvement committee supports the PFAL operators by providing them with various indexes,
definitions, and measurement methods of productivity. The committee is composed of major
PFAL operators and
related experts, defining the terms and indexes used in the industry including efficiency in electric energy, labor
hour, cultivation area/space, etc., along with discussing how to improve 
productivity of the PFALs.


JPFA organizes several committees aimed at fostering mutual collaborations among organizations in the sector
for industrial development and standardization.


Research Committee on Productivity Improvement of PFAL has created reports
on terminology and indexes, presenting the range of estimated index numbers.
help achieve the higher productivity of PFALs, we are collecting data from
PFAL operators and are developing a comprehensive and practical
data library.
Please take the survey below to help develop the industry together.

Questionnaire on Productivity of PFAL

Questionnaire on Images and Definitions of Terminology:
Vertical Farm, Indoor Farm, and

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